The Power of Kaizen: One Minute for a Better You

I'm about to steal a minute of your time for something that might bring joy to your daily routine. Ready to hit pause on the clock? Let me share a one-minute exercise that can bring you delight and satisfaction.

March 14, 2024

I’ve always found Japanese culture to be fascinating, and in my research, I learned something you might find interesting. Ever heard of the Japanese word, Kaizen? – ‘kai’ for (change) and ‘zen’ for (wisdom). It’s more than just a word; it’s a one-minute secret to self-improvement that’s beautifully simple. The idea behind this practice is that a person should practice doing something for a single minute, every day at the same time. The trick? The more you feel you’re accomplishing something, the more time you’ll want to spend on it. It’s like a mini ninja routine for your da

Now, what can you do in those magical 60 seconds? Check these out:

  • Mindful Breathing: Practice a minute of mindful breathing to center yourself. 4 counts in, 4 counts hold, 4 counts out. Ah, refreshing!

  • Stretching Routine: Dedicate a minute to stretch your body. Roll your neck, reach for the sky, and get a tension-free minute.

  • Express Kindness: Shoot a quick appreciation message or compliment to a colleague or friend. Who doesn’t love a positivity boost?

  • Quick Desk/Board Clean-up: Organize your workspace for a minute, or you can refine tasks on your Trello or even Jira board. A tidy desk/board can enhance focus and productivity.

  • Learn a Word: Expand your vocabulary by learning a new word each day. Spend a minute understanding it, and voila—smarter in 60!

  • Laugh Break: Watch a short, funny video or recall a humorous memory with your team members. Laughter is a great stress-buster.

  • Ideas Shared-Space: Create a Confluence page for quick knowledge-sharing within the team! You can contribute short, one-minute reads insights and useful tips.


Try practicing Kaizen at work – create 60 seconds of routine that will bring you joy and satisfaction. These tiny moments? They’re the gems that make you, well, you!

Incorporate the power of Kaizen into your daily routine and witness the transformative impact it can have on your work life. By dedicating just a minute each day to practices that bring you joy and satisfaction, you’re not only fostering personal growth but also cultivating a culture of continuous improvement within your team.


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