Maximizing Value with Our Managed Services

Getting the most out of your Atlassian tools can be tough on your own. Let us handle the work of keeping your tools up and running smoothly, so your IT team can focus on what really matters. 

Partnership For Success

Our Managed Services offer various levels of support, ensuring you have access to the best Atlassian experts around.

We understand the importance of keeping your Atlassian tools up and running smoothly :

Your team can dedicate their efforts entirely to creating value for the company while we take care of support, configuration, and other maintenance duties.

You can minimize incidents and ensure that your Atlassian tools function flawlessly with our support, allowing your team to work together seamlessly.

Ensure seamless operations without the overhead and learning curve of new hires

You can be sure that you’ll get accessible, open pricing based on the number of applications and user groups using the app.

We adhere to fair use standards, ensuring you pay only for the services you use, without hourly rates or strict contracts.

Our expert team handles the complexities, letting you focus on growth

Make daily tool administration effortless

We offer you optimal practices to maximize the potential of your applications and beyond.

configuration workflows - Managed Services

Create and set up workflows, schemes, fields, channels, and workspaces

Managed services congiguration users

Set up user configurations and monitor permission management

Implement automation tools and Marketplace applications

Establish integrations with other critical apps

Test and Sandboxes Set up

Jira Queries Language

Jira Query Language

Why Choose Jaanga?

We’re here to assist you at every stage of the process!

Quick Issues Handling

Proactive Approach

Maintaining tools operational and on track

Strategic plan of action

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