Group Ambassadors

Group Management Done Easier

Your top Project Management tool designed to improve Group Management within Jira and Confluence.

Key Features

Group Ambassadors is a comprehensive solution that expands your group delegation capabilities in Jira and Confluence. 

Whether it’s optimizing workflows, boosting collaboration, or ensuring precise access control, Group Ambassadors offers a user-friendly interface for a smarter, more efficient user group management experience.
Keep Group Management 100% secure while increasing efficiency. 

Decentralized Management

By empowering Group Ambassadors, group membership management becomes more agile and responsive to changes, reducing the time lag in updating memberships.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Jira administrators can focus on more strategic tasks, as the day-to-day management of group memberships is distributed among Group Ambassadors.

Enhanced Accuracy

Group Ambassadors, being closer to the operational needs of their groups, can maintain more accurate and functional group memberships.


Our solution is designed to effortlessly scale your organization, accommodating growth and changes without additional administrative complexity.

Available on Jira

 Simplify user assignments, enhance collaboration, and optimize workflows effortlessly.

Available on Confluence

Streamline access control, improve visibility, and boost productivity in your Confluence workspace.


Have questions? Find quick answers and key insights in our Pre-Sale FAQs section.

The official support portal (Yes, we’re using Jira :slight_smile:) is accessible here.

Of course you can! The Atlassian Marketplace distribution platform allows you to generate a free 30 days trial license. You can even do that directly from within Jira!

Once you install Group Ambassadors for Jira Cloud , you should setup an API token in the settings section.

If you have successfully setup up an API token and the application still does not work for you , make sure the one generating the API token is the one adding it ! This is the only way Group Ambassadors Cloud work for all of your users. If you have a suggestion please leave us a message here.

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