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January 17, 2024

Understanding the Pain Point

For many immersed in the world of project management using Atlassian Jira, the journey often involves facing many challenges when it comes to invoicing. From duplicate entries to manual errors, the process of translating tracked time into accurate invoices can be a daunting task.
Finding and understanding these problems and providing real fixes is not optional; rather, it is necessary for a safe, effective, and harmonious invoicing experience.

“Almost 80% of companies who are already enjoying the benefits of invoice automation expect to increase their investments over the next three years.”

01. Say bye to repetitive tasks

One of the biggest struggles revolves around the repetitive task of entering time data into multiple systems, leading to errors and inconsistencies. This fragmented approach results in invoices detached from actual tracked time, impacting accuracy.
Embracing an integrated invoicing process is crucial to minimizing discrepancies and fostering a more precise invoicing system.

02. Error-Prone Processes

Manual input of project data into separate invoicing tools can introduce discrepancies, affecting the accuracy of invoices. This calls for a more accurate and accountable system that pulls project details directly from Jira, reducing error chances and ensuring that the invoiced amounts align with the actual work completed on projects.

03. Time-Consuming Invoicing Tasks

Managing invoices can become a time-consuming process, potentially causing payment delays. Simplifying the process through plugins within Jira that offer a comprehensive view to track unpaid invoices is essential. This streamlines invoicing tasks, enhancing cash flow and reducing the risk of missed payments.

04. Leave tax management to admins

The complexity of tax calculations and varying regulations often presents a twisting challenge, demanding meticulous attention to ensure compliance.
To avoid the burden of intricate tax calculations, it is recommended that Businesses delegate tax management to administrators who can establish standardized tax rates, ensuring compliance with regional or industry-specific tax requirements.

05. Don’t leave money on the table

Among the challenges faced, a critical concern revolves around the risk of double invoicing a client for the same work or leaving significant gaps between invoices, resulting in lost billable hours.
Businesses need a proactive approach that includes a comprehensive timeline view of work logs to avoid invoicing errors and maximize revenue by capturing all billable work.


Invoicing lies at the heart of efficient project management, and understanding the challenges and obstacles faced in traditional invoicing processes is the first step towards transformative change.

Choosing the right invoicing add-on within Jira comes next. It’s about selecting a solution that not only streamlines invoicing tasks but also offers proactive features to tackle potential pitfalls. Our plugin BillWize offers a straightforward and user-friendly invoicing process. while introducing a new timeline view for logged time and invoices, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

By delving deeper into these challenges and acknowledging the need for a robust solution, like BillWize, businesses can significantly enhance their invoicing processes, optimizing accuracy, efficiency, and revenue streams. 


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